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Act 8 - The Celestial Lair

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's- Dragons?!
Act 8 has arrived! Offering two raids, many farming spots, and a brand new activity: the Asgobas Instant Combat.

Getting Started

You can start your journey to the floating island of Dragonveil by getting the Act 8 quest from Carven at Western Krem.
You need to only be C30 to do this, with no other quest requirements. So you can get to it right away, even if you missed out on other Acts.
Following the quest line will get you on Dragonveil, the long-forgotten sky island of the dragons.
Help the mysterious Draconian girl Ain to unlock the mystery and the dangers that await you up above.


While not essential, the questline will introduce you to the new Act and the story behind it.
Most side and daily quests have been removed or replaced with our Achievements for a better user experience.

You can access the guide for the main quest here: Act8 Questline


As always, mobs' stats and placements have been readjusted to make them fit our vision.
Much like Act 7, mobs in the farming spots have one specific drop used in a variety of crafts, alongside common drops you can farm anywhere.
Rifts have been placed almost on all the farming spots because Act8 introduces Champion Level to monsters.
You should stick to farming monsters that are close to your own Champion Level, otherwise, your exp gains will be penalized.

More details on this can be found here: Hero Lv. 61-80

Land of Life

Do you sometimes feel the nostalgia of the Land of Death sessions you did back then? Or maybe you don't know about it at all, but you just want more reason to play the game with your family. Well, say no more.
Land of Life was designed to be the primary way to level up to C80, the new maximum level. On Land of Life, exp isn't divided between good damagers and less good damagers. It promotes cooperation, as both exp and Lump of Gold drops will be shared by everyone equally.
The only exceptions are the exclusive drops of the dragon bosses inside: more on that later.

Land of Life is open 24/7, kinda. Its gates are open on all channels during even hours. Then the entrance closes, and Asgobas starts showing up periodically, annoying the life out of you.
In this Asgobas phase, the experience gain is tripled, and you will need Potion of Life to revive if you die since you can't get back in once you're out.
Also, be on the lookout for the Altars that you may encounter. While some will help your family, others might make you an easy target for insults.

One character can only join Land of Life for up to 3 hours and 15 minutes daily. This was done to prevent easy burnout of the latest Act by our dedicated players.
Also, Land of Life comes in two flavors: C30 to C59 and C60 to C80.
The former can be used by anyone who wants to catch up fast to C60.
You are subjected to the same level penalties in this Land of Life as Act8.

For more information, details, and some tips, you can check out: Land of Life

Asgobas Instant Combat

The betrayed dragon lord Asgobas is trying to get revenge on the Draconians and destroy their village.
Five times a day, Asgobas will lay siege on the Dragonveil, and it's up to you to defend it.
Anyone above C30 can join the defenses, and it only takes place in Channel 1.

As you defeat his waves of minions, you'll get a variety of drops and one chest for each wave.
Additionally, if you can deal 50% damage to Asgobas before timer runs out, you will get another better reward box.
These boxes will contain, among other loots, Asgobas' Scales, which are essential for crafting the latest equipments.

Details can be found here: Asgobas Instant Combat

Zombie Dragon Valehir and Armour Runes

Defeat the Zombie Dragon Valehir and his army of undead to acquire the equipment Act 8 has to offer.
This raid also contains materials for the newest way to enhance your character: Armour Runes.
Armour Runes are very similar to Weapon Runes but require different materials and mostly offer defensive strategies to take your PvP game to the next level.

More information on new equipements can be found here: Act8 Crafting
More information on Armour Runes can be found here: Armour Runes

Ice Dragon Alzanor and New SPs

Awaken from its deep slumber and slay this beast of ice to get the best accessories and the latest SPs.
The Ice Dragon Alzanor raid offers all you need to craft, upgrade, and perfect the latest generation of SPs: Dragon Knight, Blaster, Gravity, and Hydraulic Fist.

For the changes done to these SPs, alongside armour rune and equipment readjustments, you can visit: Act8 Release Patch

These changes are just precautions. They will be monitored closely for any readjustments needed later.

Enhanced Dragon Gems

The last method Act8 offers for improving your character even more is the Enhanced Dragon Gems.
You can use one of these four new gems on your +20 SPs to bless them with an elemental dragon's power.
While any +20 SP will now have the aid of the dragon, which triggers a secondary attack with a certain chance, the SPs blessed with the gems will also trigger a secondary buff.
These four dragon blessings will each give a different buff and require getting materials from a different boss.

All Enhanced Dragon Gems require Lumps of Gold as well as two rarer ingredients.
The first is the Dragonflower, exclusively found in the Asgobas' winner reward box.
The second is the Dragon Energies, the rarest drop of Act8, each exclusive to the dragon bosses of that element.

Further information on these gems and their blessings are found here: Dragon Blessing


Act8 is wildly different in structure than Act7, as these two Acts are meant to co-exist and compliment each other as diverse gameplay experiences.
We hope you appreciate our take on this Act. You will be able to experience it yourself shortly!