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07/07/2024 - 14:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 6.20
Client Version: 1.419.0

  • Disabled Elemental Event.
  • Changed the icon and visuals of Steampunk Clockwork Gauntlet.
  • Increased inventory gold limit from 1 to 2 billion.
  • Replaced Sacred Boots/Damned Gloves map drops by stackable sealed version with same sale value.
  • Removed the temporary Bullet Shell craft added last week.
  • Readjusted two effects in Pollutus raid:
    • [Invincible Body]:
      • [NEW] Reduced to carrying out normal attacks by sheer anger.
    • [Contaminated Wound]:
      • Skill cooldown is increased by 50% -> 10%.


  • Fixed rune upgrade window at NPCs not allowing multiple tries at once.
  • Fixed Bottle O' Blessings being usable in the Celestial Tower.
  • Fixed "Part of Pollutus" being unable to be hit by AoE basic attacks.
  • Fixed A9 daggers having wrong critical values.

Martial Artist Secondary Weapon Changes

Readjusted MA secondary weapons in preperation of Act9.2, which will introduce a ranged-melee hybrid SP to MA.

  • One-Horse Gold Token:

    • Critical Damage: 100 -> 130
    • Critical Chance 10 -> 12
  • Two-Horse Gold Token:

    • Critical Damage: 100 -> 140
    • Critical Chance 10 -> 12
  • Three-Horse Gold Token:

    • Critical Damage: 100 -> 150
    • Critical Chance 10 -> 12
  • Magic Blue Dragon Token:

    • Critical Damage: 100 -> 190
    • Critical Chance 10 -> 14
  • Magic Red Phoenix Token:

    • Critical Damage: 100 -> 190
    • Critical Chance 10 -> 14
  • Blessed Sekraz Jade Token:

    • Critical Damage: 120 -> 210
    • Critical Chance 10 -> 15
  • Bear Loa Token:

    • Critical Damage: 130 -> 230
    • Critical Chance 10 -> 17
    • [NEW] Has a 5% Probability of causing [Bear Tear].
    • [Bear Tear]:
      • 4Lv. Debuff
      • Duration: 6s
      • Ranged defense is decreased by 100.
      • Every 2 seconds: HP is reduced by (Level x3).
  • Dragon Jade:

    • Critical Damage: 139 -> 239
    • Critical Chance 13 -> 16
  • Dragon Eye:

    • Critical Damage: 158 -> 282
    • Critical Chance 17 -> 20
    • [NEW] Has a 8% Probability of causing [Dragon Eye].
    • [Dragon Eye]:
      • 4Lv. Debuff
      • Duration: 6s
      • Defence level is decreased by 1.
      • Dodge is reduced by 20%.
  • Silver Gearwheel Shield:

    • Critical Damage: 182 -> 262
  • Golden Gearwheel Shield:

    • Critical Damage: 218 -> 318
    • [NEW] Has a 8% Probability of causing [Sawtooth Shock].
    • [Sawtooth Shock]:
      • 4Lv. Debuff
      • Duration: 8s
      • Defence level is decreased by 1.
      • Dodge is reduced by 20%.
      • There is a 100% chance that no good effects below level 4 can be used.

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30/06/2024 - 14:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.90.0
Client Version: 1.414.0

  • Replaced Bullet Shell as monster drop with Machine Bullet Shell.
  • Changed 1x Bullet Shell in Scrap Metal recipe to 1x Machine Bullet Shell.
  • Changed required item for A9 Main Quest "Supply" to 3x Machine Bullet Shell.
  • Temporarily added new crafting option to Undercity Forge NPC: 1x Bullet Shell for 1x Machine Bullet Shell. It will only be available until next Sunday.


  • Motion Detection Bomb will now be dispelled upon raid completion.
  • Giant Arma Raid will no longer grant boxes with rarity.
  • Fixed Bottle o' Enchantment missing from A8 and A9 general shops.
  • Fixed an issue with rune upgrading.

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29/06/2024 - 09:00 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.87.0
Client Version: 1.412.0

  • You can receive your Act9 quest from Mimi Mentor if you're above C60. Previous acts not required.
  • You can join Act9 maps by talking to Guard Soldier in NosVille Meadows.
  • You need to progress a bit in your main quest to access the main town of Act9, the Undercity. You also need to progress in the main quest to join the raids.
  • Implemented the new fairy upgrade system, more information on wiki.
  • Act9 equipment will roll shells of 110Lv. when bet. This means they will have 10% higher rolls.


  • Lowered HP of monsters in low level land of life (c30-c59)
  • Changed level of blessed undead dragon in low level land of life c62->c56
  • Fixed positions of all miniboss dragons in low level land of life
  • Reduced the count in A6.1 monster killing achievements by 80%.
  • Added 110Lv. shells into Shell Master in the Citadel.
  • Removed Lakeside Gorge as a potential Multiverse Invasion map.
  • Reduced the number of Glacerus/Draco raids required for weekly achievements from 100 to 60.
  • Readjusted 'Sensei' title (obtained in 99Lv. Advancement Box by Martial Artists) in preperation of SP7 MA:
    • Melee attacks are increased by 10% -> 5%.
    • [NEW] Ranged attacks are increased by 5%.

God's Altar

  • [REMOVE] Basic Wings Chest
  • [REMOVE] Indian Bushtail
  • [REMOVE] 'Peepo Stonks' Emote Unlocker
  • [NEW] Pablo
  • [NEW] Colorful Jeep Box
  • [NEW] 'We Smart' Emote Unlocker

Pablo is a tamed racoon bird, with 5% damage and 10 light res boost. He also has a small provoke skill, with a chance to deal 'Cut' debuff.


  • Fixed Arma quest being unable to be started.
  • Fixed God's Altar giving a wrong reward instead of "Pedro" the new jackpot. Contact support for refunds.
  • Changed Pocket Dimensions cooldown error message to be more friendly.
  • Changed item icon for Fairystone.

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23/06/2024 - 15:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.81.0
Client Version: 1.409.0

  • Removed quest requirements from all A7 raids.
  • Removed CXP rewards from daily Act7/8 monster kill achievements.
  • Made the cooldown of LoL Pocket Dimensions separate from others.
  • Added Wild Sound Flower as a drop in Land of Life.
  • Doubled the drop rate of raid seals in Multiverse Invasions.
  • Reduced the number of Glacerus/Draco raids limit per account from 30 to 15. Readjusted Draco's Claw/Glacerus' Mane obtained from raidbox and raid completion to compensate.
  • Reduced the number of Glacerus/Draco raids required for daily achievements from 20 to 15.
  • Reworked rune powers


  • Fixed an issue with Class Changer Token usage.

Weapon Rune Powers

Agility Power (Level 4)

  • Movement speed is increased by 1 -> 2.

Apocalypse Power

  • [ADD] Below level 4 the chance of getting a bad effect is increased by 10/15/20/25/35/50%.

Reflection Power

  • Duration: 2/2/2/2/3/4s -> 3/3/3/3/4/5s

Bear Power

  • Duration: 10/10/10/10/10/10s -> 10/10/10/10/15/15s
  • Defence level is decreased by 1/1/1/1/2/3 -> 1/1/1/2/2/3.

Lightning Power

  • Duration: 3/3/3/4/5/5 -> 2/2/2/3/3.5/3.5
  • Every 2 seconds: HP is reduced by Level x10/10/10/10/10/15 -> 10/10/10/10/15/25.

Wolf Power

  • [REMOVE] Defence power is reduced by 4/7/10/13/20/30%.
  • [ADD] Non-elemental damage received is increased by 3/5/7/10/15/20%.

Curse Power

  • 3Lv. Debuff -> 2/3/4/5/6/7Lv. Debuff
  • [REMOVE] Shadow resistance is decreased by 5/7/9/12/15/20.
  • [REMOVE] Movement speed is decreased by 1/1/1/1/2/3.
  • [NEW] All elemental resistances are decreased by 3/5/5/5/7/10.
  • [NEW] Defence power is reduced by 3/5/7/10/15/20%.

Explosion Power

  • Duration: 10/10/10/10/10/12s -> 2/2/2/2/2/2s
  • [REMOVE] Fire resistance is decreased by 5/7/10/15/25/30.
  • [ADD] Every 2 seconds: HP is reduced by (Level x5/10/20/35/50/70).
  • [ADD] There is a 5/10/20/35/50/70% chance that damage from magic attacks is increased by 100%.
  • The chance of receiving a critical hit is increased by 5/5/10/10/15/15% -> 5/10/20/35/50/70%.

Frost Power

  • [REMOVE] All opponents within 3/3/3/3/3/4 space(s) take (Level x3/3/3/3/5/8) damage every 1.5 seconds.
  • [REMOVE] All opponents within 3/3/3/3/3/4 space(s) suffer [debuff] every 1.5 seconds.
  • [NEW] Has a 100% chance of causing [debuff].

debuff = [Gentle Cold Breeze] in Level 1-4, [Strong Cold Breeze] in Level 5, [Snowstorm] in Level 6

Gentle Cold Breeze

  • [REMOVE] Hit rate of all attacks is decreased by 100.
  • [REMOVE] Water resistance is decreased by 15.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a melee attack is increased by (20 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a ranged attack is increased by (20 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a magic attack is increased by (20 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Skill cooldown is increased by 10%.

Strong Cold Breeze

  • [REMOVE] Hit rate of all attacks is decreased by 200.
  • [REMOVE] Water resistance is decreased by 25.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a melee attack is increased by (30 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a ranged attack is increased by (30 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a magic attack is increased by (30 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Skill cooldown is increased by 20%.


  • [REMOVE] Hit rate of all attacks is decreased by 300.
  • [REMOVE] Water resistance is decreased by 30.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a melee attack is increased by (40 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a ranged attack is increased by (40 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Cast time for a magic attack is increased by (40 / 100) sec.
  • [ADD] Skill cooldown is increased by 30%.

Martial Artist SPs

Mystic Arts

  • Moonlight Absorption:

    • Cool time: 30s -> 50s.
  • Gathering Petals:

    • Cool time: 30s -> 50s.
  • [Bed of Lotus Flowers]:

    • [REMOVE] Every 6 seconds:2% HP is recovered.
    • [ADD] Every 6 seconds:Restores 2% of max. HP (max 2000).
  • [Sidestep]:

    • Duration: 3s -> 2s.

Mystic Arts has proven to be way above others for some weeks now, mostly because its defensive capabilities. These changes are incentivising to switch between forms more aswell as setting a cap to [Bed of Lotus Flowers] to nerf it and also prevent it from snowballing in later acts.

Demon Warrior

  • Claw Strike:

    • [ADD] Has a 5% probability of causing [Weak Blood-Sucking].
  • Nosedive:

    • Casting time: 0,8s -> 0,6s.
    • Has a 20% -> 80% probability of causing [Weak Blood-Sucking].
  • Double Spinning Kick:

    • Cool time: 15s -> 20s.
    • Has a 20% -> 30% chance of causing [Shackle].
    • Has a 30% -> 50% probability of causing [Fatal Bleeding].
  • [Weak Blood-Sucking]:

    • Every 2 seconds:HP is reduced by (Player Levelx6 -> 10).
  • [Swarm of Bats]:

    • [REMOVE] Every 2 seconds:Restores (Player Levelx15) HP.
    • [ADD] Every 2 seconds:Restores 2% of max. HP (max 2000).

Archer SPs


  • [Life Shield]:
    • Duration: 12s -> 5s.

Avenging Angel

  • Swordmastery:

    • Casting time: 0,1s -> 0,0s.
  • [Magic Spell]:

    • [ADD] Damage dealt is increased by 10%.
  • [Darkness]:

    • [REMOVE] Damage dealt in PvP is increased by 10%.
  • [Flame]:

    • [REMOVE] Damage dealt is increased by 10%.

Shifting the buff power more towards the primary buff and removing it from the powerful secondary buffs. This should help in PvE and make PvP a bit more comfortable.

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19/06/2024 - 15:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.78.0
Client Version: 1.407.0

  • Increased minimum level required for event achievements from C30 to C60.

Early Game Improvements

  • Made most monster killing achievements shared across group members like quests. The achievements unaffected by group sharing will have a disclaimer in them.

We have recently readjusted these achievements as an alternative path to levelling via A1 quest, and we've realized it's not accommodating for new players starting with their friends. Now these players can complete these achievements together and progress side by side.

'Land of Life' Rework

After improving early game for all in preparation of Act9, we've spotted C60-C80 progression as the next bottleneck to be addressed. The current method of levelling to C80 included daily CXP rewards that were huge and unnatural to the game progression. Players felt like nothing would compare to it and so they needed to just login and do these achievements for two weeks to get to C80. So we have removed these and reworked Land of Life as a replacement to levelling up.

  • Removed CXP rewards from daily Act7/8 monster kill achievements.

  • Added "solo" and "group" Pocket Dimension options to Land of Life (C30-C59 & C60-C90). You can enter them via the same NPC.

  • Tripled XP received in the family Land of Life.

    Pocket Dimension versions have the same mobs and drops as normal ones. Mobs inside are much easier to kill and deals much less damage so that they're doable by yourselves or in small groups.

    1 minute after you join, Asgobas phase will start inside and the Asgobas XP multiplier is always on, so it's a perfect place to level up. These Pocket Dimensions have a 30 minute cooldown to prevent abuses.

    In turn, the XP received in original family Land of Life has been tripled, and the daily time limit for it has been removed. This change aims to preserve the advantage of doing it with a family like originally intended.

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16/06/2024 - 15:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.77.0
Client Version: 1.404.0

  • Started Element Event, see more info on announcements.
  • Added debuff cleanse and skill cooldown reset upon finishing World Boss time-spaces.


  • Reduced wingswapper cd from 60 -> 30seconds after using a skill
  • Rune options removed by Rune Solvent will not be re-rolled into same option in the next upgrade. For example, if you get "Wolf Power" at +12 and you use Rune Solvent to remove it, you won't roll "Wolf Power" again in the next +12 upgrade. Applies to all runes options removed after today.

Early Game Improvements

With A9 release in sight, we have made improvements on the early game so that if you're considering to come back for A9 you'll need to worry less about that part of the game.

  • Added a free SP2/3/4 to 40/50/60Lv. level-up achievement rewards.
  • Added a new C30 and C60 level-up achievements:
    • C30 box contains shelled* C25 weapons and C28 armour, C60 box contains shelled* C55 weapons and C53 armour.
    • C60 achievement gives a kit for adding any tattoo you want and upgrading it a bit.
    • Both boxes contain some QoL items similar to other advancement boxes. Additionally, they also give x20 Random Tarot Card (Limited).
  • Added shell* options to the 90 r7+8 equipment from the 90Lv. achievement reward.
  • Doubled the XP rewards of monster kill achievements of Act1/2/3/4 so that doing them all gets you to same level as Act1 mainquest, as an alternative.
  • Readjusted NPC buffers:
    • Adventurer's Common Blessing: 50k -> FREE, 6079 -> 6089
    • Hero's Common Blessing: 100k -> 50k, 6079 -> 6089
  • Added some "Alchemist's Beverage" to level up boxes.
  • Main weapon: Enhanced Attack +100, Low-level Race Damage +15%, Overall SL +8
  • Side weapon: Enhanced Attack +100, Attack SL +10, Element SL +10
  • Armour: All Resistances +15, Chance of All Blackouts -30%, Max HP +500

If you're already past 90, C30 or C60 but still need the equipment from these boxes or the tattoo kit, you may create a ticket with our Support team. Please note that refund is handled retroactively and is for the people that need it. Therefore, it's limited to one character per account, and you must have no tattoo yet on your best character. You have until 6th of July 2024 23:59 ST to open a ticket about it.

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09/06/2024 - 15:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.75.0
Client Version: 1.401.0

  • Provided some missing stuff in the MA level boxes
  • Fixed a bug where Pet skills could be overriden in some specific scenario


  • Added a "Wiki" Button next to the shop


  • Added Turkish Client

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02/06/2024 - 16:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.74.0
Client Version: 1.400.0

  • Fixed a bug where boss drops wouldn't work properly in certain raids (act 7 & 8)

World Bosses

  • Added 'Evil Overlord Paimon' to World Bosses.

This event will join the 'Mole Mother' and 'Robber King Ibrahim' in the World Boss pool. For more detailed information check out our wiki.

God's Altar

  • [REMOVE] Fairy Wings

  • [REMOVE] Ninja Bushtail

  • [REMOVE] Peepo Special Emote Unlocker

  • [ADD] Peepo Stonks Emote Unlocker

  • [ADD] Basic Wings Chest

  • [ADD] Indian Bushi

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19/05/2024 - 16:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.69.0
Client Version: 1.397.0

  • Fixed T2 Trophy pity.
  • Fixed some scenarios where artefact items bonus would be enabled but should not.
  • Fixed Enhanced monsters HP reset after death.
  • Fixed snacks not working properly in Dark Castra (Berserk) raid.

· One min read

12/05/2024 - 16:30 (Server Time)
Server Version: 5.67.0
Client Version: 1.395.0

  • Tripled the chance of dropping r7 and r8 Artefacts from Multiverse raids.
  • Reduced the number of Trophy Upgrade Amulet required to craft an Artefact Enchantment Scroll from 3 to 1. If you have crafted it before, you can apply to support for refund of the difference.
  • The number of gold and item dropped at the end of A7/A8 raids will now depend on the player count in the raid.
  • Increased the dropped gold amount in A7 raids from 90110k to 140160k.
  • Added "Bottle o' Blessing" to Hatem's shop for 1kk gold. This consumable item will grant you the "Hero's Greater Blessing" NPC buff when used.

Monthly PvP Reward

  • [REMOVE] Sealed Nelia Nymph
  • [ADD] Magic White Tiger

God's Altar

  • [REMOVE] Desert / Belly Dancer Costume Set

  • [REMOVE] Leo the Coward

  • [REMOVE] Feels Baguette Emote Unlocker

  • [NEW] Fairy Wings

  • [NEW] Ninja Bushtail

  • [NEW] Peepo Special Emote Unlocker