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What is Bidding System?

Bidding System is one of the biggest Olympus features. It was designed to terminate fake offers and allow transactions over 1b (which is limited by NosBazaar). Every auction is performed in real time, with milliseconds precision.

How to open

Open your Skill Info (K) Window and switch to the Motion section
Scroll down to see the new icon for the Bidding System
Double Click to open it

Disclaimer before using Bidding System

Adding new auction

After you have opened the bidding window click on the "Add" button in the bottom right corner

Now take an item from your inventory, drag and drop it to the upper free area

Default Settings for an Item

Starting priceThe price which bidding is started with
Instant priceThe price with which the item can be bought immediately. If you don't want to enter an instant price take out the checkmark next to it
Min. bid incrementThe minimum amount of money that people can increase the bid with
Time incrementIf remaining time of an auction goes below amount given in this row, next bid will extend it to this exact time (only if max. duration isn't reached yet)
DurationInitial length of an auction
Max. durationLimit of auction's length after all of the time increments done by new bids
Anonymous sellerYour name will not be displayed
Anonymous bidderThe name of the bidder will not be published

Bidding an item

If you are interested in taking part in proper auction, first of all, make sure you have enough money in bank to be able to bid with other people. Then open Bidding System window and look for your desirable item.
Click yellow Show Details button placed next to the chosen offer.

New window with offer details will show up. You can see here all of auction settings done by an author and latest bids. Here, you can either beat last bid with your own one or (if it's possible) buy an item using instant price method. Also, if it is allowed by auction owner, you can give your bid anonymously by turning on 'Anonymous' checkbox.

Remember, that someone can outbid you in the last seconds or even milliseconds of an auction. You need to stay aware all the time!

Claiming bought item as buyer

Congratulations! You are officially new owner of bidded item. In order to get it into your inventory, you need to go to 'My Bids' tab first.

Then find on a list item that you want to obtain and click Show Details button.
Make sure that offer is marked as Ended, otherwise you won't be able to collect an item.

In new window, click button 'Withdraw Item'. Your new possession will be either sent directly to your inventory, or in case of it being full, to your parcels.

Claiming money as seller

If time of your auction has passed or someone bought your item for instant price, you are able to get your money immediately. At the beginning, you need to switch tab to 'My Offers'.

Then find on a list auctions that are already ended and click Show details button.

In new button, click button 'Withdraw'. Money will be sent directly to your bank and transaction will disappear from Bidding System.

Items allowed in Bidding System

  • Hero Level Equipment
  • Fairies
  • SP Cards
  • Resistances (gloves & shoes)
  • Shells
  • Weapon Costumes
  • Costume Wings

Connection with Notification System

Bidding System is strongly connected with our another feature - Notification System.
Every time your current offer is outbidded, or your item was sold as auction owner, you will instantly get notifications about those actions occurrence.

If winning an auction is significant to you, you should definitely turn on 'Show notification popups' option, located at the bottom of Notification Center.

Now you will be provided with bidding system real time updates on the right side of your screen!

Useful information

Tips & Tricks
  • Bidding System uses bank for transactions. If you would like to take part in auction, make sure you have enough gold in it, because money is consumed right after each bid. If anyone beats your offer, cash will be sent back to your bank account instantly.
  • Auction Center currency is 'kk' (for example, 5000kk = 5b)
  • Use 'Speakers' option in details of your own auctions to let more people know about your item. It will surely help you to get your bids the highest as possible!
  • After first bid is added, you can't take your item out as seller. Think twice before you put your equipment into auction. Same goes with bids - if your bid won, that means you have made transaction and can't undo it.