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Event Management


The Event Manager is a new Olympus feature which helps you to keep track of event times. It shows you when an event begins or ends. To access the Event Manager, click on on the top-right next to the mini-map.


The Event Manager feature is normally divided into 3 to 4 categories. Each of these categories shows different events.

The three categories General, PvP and Special are always displayed. The 4th category Act4 will only be displayed when there is an Act4 raid occurring. Events is an additional category and will only show up during event times.


  • Instant Combat
  • Land of death Channels 2&4
  • Land of death Channels 3&5


  • Ice breaker
  • Rainbow Battle
  • Arena of Talents (AoT)


  • Caligor
  • Fernon


If there is a time-limited Olympus event, the duration of it will be shown.


This category shows the remaining time for the raid. However, it is not shown for which faction the raid is open.

Whenever raid opens, notification will be sent to the Notification Center in game. You can check raid faction there.
Alternative method to find out the raid faction, is checking the Olympus Discord . The channel act4-dungeons under the Game information section shows the faction and the raid boss, and with that, also the element of the raid.

Event details

By hovering over on the right side of the feature, you can receive more information about the event itself.

Search function

By using the search function in the upper left of the feature, you're able to search for an event by typing the name or part of it in there.

View alarms only feature

The view alarms only feature in the upper half of the window only shows the selected events if enabled. By clicking on the event is marked and will be shown when the view alarms only feature is selected. However, this feature resets after every relog.

Clicking on one of the icons again disables it.

Notification System


Notification Center is brand new Olympus feature. As its name says, it notifies you about various server activities that are currently happening.

How to use?

There are two ways to get into Notification System. Either click icon on the top-right next to your map or press K on your keyboard and double-click the same bell icon at the bottom of Motion section.

Once you do that, Notification Center window will show up on your screen. If you have just logged in, there probably won't be any notifications yet. When an action happens, information is going to appear in Notification Center. Once it is there, you can either show more details about it or remove notification by clicking Hide button.


This feature also gives an option to send pop-up notifications and show them on right side of your screen when an action occurs. By default, pop-ups are disabled. To turn them on, you need to mark 'Show notification popups' checkbox which is located at the bottom of Notification Center window.

You are going to be updated now with everything that happens on server throughout your whole game.

What is it notifying about?

At the moment, Notification System informs about:

  • your item being sold on NosBazaar
  • opening of Fernon raid entrance
  • Act4 raid beginning
  • Bidding System actions (overbid, auction ended)
  • Raid Report being generated