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God's Altar



God's Altar can be found near the trees accross Hatem and Helen.

Feeling lucky? You can offer your gold to the God of Fortune. If you do, he might give you valuable prizes, if he's pleased with your offer, or he might leave you empty-handed.

When you interact with it, you will be able to make different tries:

Only the number of rewards is affected by the amount of gold offered, not their quality.


Common Prizes

Common prizes are easy to get, though not all of them are equally likely to get.

  • 3x Ice Flower Oil
  • 10x Angel's Feathers
  • 5x Full Moon Crystal
  • 1x Gourmet Pet Food
  • 5x Wings of Friendship
  • 5x Speaker
  • 5x Draco's Claw
  • 5x Glacerus' Mane
  • 1x Random Tarot Card
  • 1x Experience Potion
  • 1x Ancelloan's Blessing
  • 1x Special Pet Food
  • 1x Tarot Card Game
  • 1x Speed Booster Upgrade Kit
  • 1x Partner Skill Ticket (Single)

P.S.: These rewards can be changed later on, based on their prices and demand.

Last rotation update: 12.01.2024


  • skill-icon Emote Random Box
  • skill-icon Horny Emote Unlocker

Rare Prizes

With a little bit of luck, you can get a Rare Prize. These prizes will be picked among items that were once in shop rotation.

When you get a Rare Prize, it will be announced so that everyone can know how lucky you are.

Last rotation update: 12.01.2024

  • skill-icon Ninja Bushtail
  • skill-icon Winter Costume Set

Legendary Prizes

All weapon skins released so far (except Christmas skins) are in the Altar. If you're lucky enough to roll legendary loot, you'll get one of listed below.

  • Steampunk Weapons Random Chest
  • Celebration Weapons Random Chest
  • Sports Weapons Random Chest
  • Geisha Weapons Random Chest
  • Fish Weapons Random Chest
  • Frozen Weapons Random Chest

These chests will contain a weapon skin from one of four classes randomly.