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Caligor and Heroic Shells

How to access?

To participate in the Caligor event, you have to wait for it to start, according to the schedule.
The entrances are located in Unknown Land which can be accessed through Tundra Bitoren.

Caligor event requires a minimum level of 90(+1), and the maximum number of participants is 400.
Upon joining the event, your faction is randomized.


Caligor starts every day at 12:00 ST and 18:00 ST. (Server time)

You can also see how much time has left until next Caligor on Event Manager.

Unknown Land

The mobs of Unknown Land, on top of casual Act4 items, can also drop:

  • skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon
  • skill-icon Coolant
  • skill-icon Lingering Malice
  • skill-icon Fernon Raid Seal
  • skill-icon Rainbow Pearl

In addition to this you might find the Mysterious Traveller at the top of the map.
It can drop skill-icon Journal of the Forgotten Hero M (1) & skill-icon Journal of the Unknown Hero (1).
The Mysterious Traveller have a respawn cooldown of 1 hour from the moment you defeat it.

Raidbox and Reward

Upon defeating Caligor, all participants with enough contribution points will receive a raid box.
You can get contribution points by dealing damage either to enemies or boss itself.

  • Win: The Faction that dealt the most damage will receive a skill-icon Raid Box: Caligor's Glowing Treasure and 2x skill-icon Shell Fragment.
  • Lose: The other faction will receive a skill-icon Raid Box: Caligor's Dimming Treasure and 1x skill-icon Shell Fragment.

You have 1 hour to defeat Caligor, otherwise the event will end and no one will receive a reward.

Heroic Shells

How to get shells

You can drop shells from Caligor and Act4 dungeons with the same rarity as the box.
These shells can be recycled to obtain skill-icon Shell Fragment.
The shells can be applied to any Heroic Equipment.

To craft a Heroic Shell, you should visit Crusty Crab which is located at the bottom of Citadel (Act 4).

You can craft and recycle any shell.
To craft a shell, you need 12 skill-icon Shell Fragment which can be either gained from recycling shells or from Act4 boxes.

How to use shells

  • To be able to see the options of a shell, you will need to identify it via skill-icon Rainbow Pearl, which can be obtained from Unknown Land.
  • You can put new shell into an equipment that already has shell inside, options will be replaced.
  • In order to remove shell from equipment, you can also buy skill-icon Magic Eraser from Malcolm Mix and use it on equipment.
  • After a shell is carved onto an equipment, it will be bound to the character that bounded the shell.
    Once a stuff is bounded, any other character that wants to wear the equipment will need to use skill-icon Perfume, which are sold by Malcolm Mix.