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The Lottery is a feature that allows players to participate in a game of luck for a chance to win big prizes.

How to Participate

You can participate in the Lottery by purchasing tickets from Teodor, at Nosville.
Each ticket costs 100.000 gold.
Players can either buy one or ten tickets at a time.

Viewing Lottery Status

Players can view the current status of the Lottery at any time using "Get Lottery Info". The status includes:

  • The main prize
  • The number of tickets the player has purchased
  • The total number of tickets purchased
  • The remaining time until the lottery results are announced

Event Scheduler

The remaining time until the Lottery results are announced can also be viewed on the Event Scheduler.


The rewards will be selected from a pool of prizes that will be changed from time to time.
Check out Teodor to know the prize of the current week's Lottery.