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Loyalty System

Loyalty Coins are obtainable through in-game activities such as raiding, IC, RBB...

Every day, the player can get a total of 20 coins, per master account. Coins are untradable items to retrieve limited shop goods.

Loyalty shop is placed at NosVille

Loyalty Coin Rewards

TaskCoinsAmount per day
Instant Combat2 coinstwice
Rainbow Battle2 coinstwice
Cuby Raid1 cointwice
Ginseng Raid2 coinstwice
Castra Raid2 coinstwice
Spider Raid4 coinstwice
Slade Raid4 coinstwice
Ibrahim Raid3 coinstwice
Kertos Raid2 coinstwice
Valakus Raid3 coinstwice
Grenigas Raid4 coinstwice
Draco Raid2 coinstwice
Glacerus Raid2 coinstwice
Laurena Raid2 coinstwice
Namaju Raid2 coinstwice
Erenia Raid3 coinstwice
Zenas Raid3 coinstwice
Fernon Raid3 coinstwice
Chicken Raid3 coinsonce
Carno Raid3 coinstwice
Kirollas Raid3 coinstwice
Belial Raid3 coinstwice
Paimon Raid3 coinstwice
Fafnir Raid1 cointwice
Valehir Raid3 coinstwice
Alzanor Raid3 coinstwice
Frozen Crown Dungeon4 coinsonce
TS Completion (Lv.70 +)1 coinfour times
Commend another Person2 coinsonce

Loyalty Shop

2 coins Guardian Angel's Blessing (Limited)
2 coins Fairy Experience Potion (Limited)
2 coins Soulstone Blessing (Limited)
3 coins Random Tarot Card (Limited)
5 Coins Wings of Friendship (Limited)
5 coins Point Initialisation Potion (Limited)
5 coins Ancelloan's Blessing (Limited)
5 coins Fairy Booster (Limited)
10 coins Potion of Dignity (Limited)
15 coins Self-Introduction (Limited)
25 coins Soul Revival Stone (Limited)
25 coins NosMerchant Medal (7 Days) (Limited)
40 coins Pet Basket (30 Days) (Limited)
40 coins Partner's Backpack (30 Days) (Limited)
40 coins Adventurer's Knapsack (30 Days) (Limited)
75 coins Adventurer's Knapsack (60 Days) (Limited)
75 coins Pet Basket (60 Days) (Limited)
75 coins Partner's Backpack (60 Days) (Limited)
80 coins NosMerchant Medal (30 Days) (Limited)
200 coins Extra Large Warehouse (Permanent)