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Map and Monster Drops feature


Map Drop and Monster Drop visibilities are Custom features in Olympus to enhance players gameplay. Players can hover on the map name or monster details to show possible drops.


Possible drop in Map Drops is only shown when every type of monster on current map drops it.
On the other hand, Monster Drops shows only stuff, that is exclusive to the monster.

How to check Map Drops?

Hover the mouse on the map name.

The list of possible drops of the map are now displayed!

How to check the Monster Drops?

Target a monster.

Right click the monster, scroll down the information window.

Monster Drops are at the bottom of monster details

How to check the Farming Session Report?

You will be able to review everything you have earned during your time spent farming, this will only be available inside the Pockets Dimension.

This report will appear in the Notification Centre.

When you open the report, this window will be displayed, where you can see in detail each of the items obtained, as well as other statistics.