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Custom Options Window


On Olympus, the options window has been remade into a custom version. It is much more convenient than the original, and enables adding more options than the original window could support.

How do I open the options window?

You can open the options window by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen :

Then clicking on Game configuration :

And finally clicking on Options :

How does the options window work?

On the left there is a list of tabs, corresponding to the category of options. By default All is selected, which lists every option on the right side of the window. By clicking on a tab only the options in that category will be shown. In the top left there is a search bar, which you can use to search for a specific option. Clicking on the small square box next to an option's name toggles it on or off. You can scroll up and down the list of options with your mouse wheel.

List of options by category


Mouse Aim LockWhen enabled, clicking on a target then hovering your cursor over it will make your cursor follow the target when it moves.
Get Up On WalkWhen enabled, trying to move while sitting will automatically make your character stand up and move.
Safe Equipment SellingWhen enabled, you will be unable to sell upgraded equipment to merchants. This includes weapons, armor, specialists, gloves and shoes.
Disable Raid Box ConfirmationWhen enabled, you will be able to open raid boxes without having to confirm it for each box.

Chat Messages

Whispers BlockedWhen enabled, other players will be unable to whisper you.
Hero Chat BlockedWhen enabled, you will not see hero messages from other players.
Hide Item Drops MessagesWhen enabled, item drop messages will be hidden.
Hide Gold Drops MessagesWhen enabled, gold drop messages will be hidden.

Player Requests

Exchanges BlockedWhen enabled, exchange requests will be blocked.
Friend Requests BlockedWhen enabled, friend requests will be blocked.
Family Requests BlockedWhen enabled, family invites will be blocked.
Group Requests BlockedWhen enabled, group requests will be blocked.
Miniland Invites BlockedWhen enabled, miniland invites will be blocked.
Duel Requests BlockedWhen enabled, duel requests will be blocked.


Block EmoticonsWhen enabled, all emoticons will be hidden.
Hide healing valuesWhen enabled, green healing numbers will be hidden.
Disable Blinking Buff IconsWhen enabled, buff icons will not blink when about to expire.
Hide HatWhen enabled, your character's hat will be hidden.
Lock UI PositionWhen enabled, the position of UI elements will be locked. When disabled, a small blue square will appear next to UI elements. Clicking on it lets you move the position of the UI element.
Hide Skill CooldownsWhen enabled, the numeric display of skill cooldowns will be hidden.
Hide HP/MP LabelsWhen enabled, the numeric HP/MP values of targets will be hidden.
Show Monsters on MinimapWhen enabled, it showes all Monsters on the Minimap.
Show Monsters on Minimap (Rifts)When enabled, it showes all Monsters on the Minimap (just in Rifts).


Discord Rich PresenceWhen enabled, enables Discord Rich Presence, which will display your in-game status on discord.

Upgrade & Betting

Safe BettingWhen enabled, you will be unable to bet equipment without a protection amulet equipped.
Safe UpgradeWhen enabled, you will be unable to upgrade weapons and armor past +3 without a scroll of protection.


AutoLoot in Solo RiftsWhen enabled, monster item drops while in a solo rift will be automatically collected in your inventory.