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Pocket Dimensions

Pocket dimensions were introduced to permit people to farm spots without having to fight/insult to decide who is on the spot.

They can be found on different maps, and you can choose entering to them alone or as a Team.


  • As a team, all the group members need to be on the same map.
  • Once you created a Pocket Dimension, there is a 5 minutes cooldown to create a new one.
  • Pocket Dimensions are destroyed when no one is on the map for 5 seconds.

These restrictions are subject to change.


The solo pocket dimension provides an auto loot feature. This feature is a setting and can be enabled in the settings window ingame (see the image below). Enabling this feature will make all the loot go directly into your inventory. This also works for quest items.

Group pocket dimensions don't have this feature. The loot will be dropped on the ground.

Farming reports

Once you leave the pocket dimension, a farming report will be generated for the past time that you have been in the pocket dimension. The report will pop-up in the notification center. This works for both the solo and group pocket dimensions. An example of report is shown in the image below.

The farming report contains:

  • Amount of time farmed
  • Items collected
  • Gold collected
  • Flower buff collected
  • Monsters killed


Pocket dimensions are available in many maps, and they are as follows:

Act 5.1

Robber Courtyard

Aster Courtyard

Rashid Courtyard

Act 5.2

Eastern Path

Katol's Street

Act 6.1

Hell's Ruins 1

Hell's Ruins 2

Heaven's Ruins 1

Heaven's Ruins 2

Act 6.2

Ancelloan's Will 5

Ancelloan's Will 2

Act 7.1

Forest Cliff

Spirit Forest

Beast's Lair

Polluted Path

Celestial Spire 5 (Multimap Rift)

The Multimap Rift includes Celeastial Spire floors 1-5

Act 8

Northern Skytrail

Eastern Skytrail

Path of Destiny

Frozen Lake

Ice Dungeon

Lakeside Gorge

Dragon Ranch

Dragon´s Lair

Gravel Gorge

A. Dragon´s Lair (Multimap Rift)

The Multimap Rift includes A. Dragon´s Lair & A. Dragons Nest

Gorge Path (Multimap Rift)

The Multimap Rift includes Gorge Path 1-3