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Raid Report Window

What is the Raid Reporter?

We know that the competitiveness of Olympus players in PvE is huge, so we have improved even more the way to know who is at the top of a raid, this implementation will not only help us to know the players that are causing more damage to the raid boss but also to know our personal records, global records and many more things.

How can I see my Raid Report Window?

We have remember that this window is exclusive to raids, so it will only be visible in these instances. Once we finish a raid we will receive a notification in the Notification Center where we will be notified that our Raid Report is ready.

By clicking on the button "Open Raid Report" a new window will appear where we will see the following data.

Raid Report Window Interface

Raid Report :
  • This is an improved version of the Damage Table, so we can also see the Top 3 and their damage inflicted.
  • The main reason for this window is to be able to see our statistics so that we know which build can work best.
  • This window give us information about the best times in each raid, so we will know in an easier way which is the time to beat.