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Olympus Warp System

What is the Warp System?

The warp system is a new feature which allows us to save multiple return points throughout our adventure.

How to use the Warp System?

In order to use the Warp System we will have to either click icon on the top-right next to our map or go to the bottom of Motion (K) section, where the other icons such as NosBazaar, Raid List, Time Circle and emotes are located.

To add a new point we must first go to the exact place where we want to save, as the Warp System is really precise. Once there we will have to open the Warp System and go to the gear located at the top right of the window.

Here a small window will pop up which gives you the confirmation to save the point you are at .You can save a maximum of seven points, which you can change at any time. To remove a point, simply hover over the gear again and leave your mouse over the location you wish to remove . You can also change the order in which the save points are located by moving them between these arrows:

Public Warps

Beside the personal warps you set yourself there are now also public warps available

Below is a list with all public warps and costs

Nosville0 Gold
Western Krem1.000 Gold
Mortaz Desert Port40.000 Gold
Desert Eagle City70.000 Gold
Cylloan0 Gold
Olorun Village50.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Chicken King0 Gold
Raid Entrance - Namaju50.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Cuby100.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Ginseng100.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Castra150.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Spider150.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Slade200.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Ibrahim350.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Draco400.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Glacerus400.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Laurena400.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Fafnir400.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Kertos500.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Valakus500.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Grenigas500.000 Gold
Hell's Gate 4500.000 Gold
Heaven's Gate 4500.000 Gold
Raid Entrance - Fernon500.000 Gold