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What is it?

Wings Swapper allows you to store multiple wings styles and effects inside one Specialist card. Also, it brings possibility to use buffs of one pair of wings and looks from another one. You can easily adjust your SP design depending on your current mood or weather outside, without being forced to lose its strength.


How to use?

In order to open Wings Swapper window, wear your Specialist card and click icon on the top-right next to your map

Wings Swapper window should pop up on your screen. It is very simple tool with only two tabs.

  • Style - as name says, you can change your Specialist looks here
  • Effect - changing wings in this tab will only make an impact on your character buff

Feature contains all of the wings previously added to your card. If you want to insert new pairs into Swapper, make sure you are wearing correct Specialist card and simply use desirable Wings item in your inventory, same as usual. New wings will be added automatically, and from now on, you will be able to choose them whenever you want!

Wings Swapper Medal

Medal is an item, that gives you possibility to unlock all of wings styles without necessity to put them one by one.
Its 30 day version is available to buy in OC Shop with cost of 500 OC. Remember! Medal is only for visuals, you can't add effects thanks to it.

Tips & Tricks
  • There is 5 seconds cooldown between each wings swaps
  • If you don't have Wings Swapper Medal and would like to switch your wings back to base ones again, you need to buy Base Wings item for 1kk at Soraya Style NPC and put it into your Swapper
  • Whenever you put your SP Card inside Card Holder, all of your stored pairs of wings will be gone