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Angel's Feather

Map NameQuantityChance
Western Krem17%
Eastern Krem17%
Peak of Mt. Krem17%
Mountain Cave 117%
Mountain Cave 217%
Mountain Cave 317%
Mountain Cave 417%
Mountain Cave 517%
Mountain Cave 617%
Shanera Dungeon -117%
Shanera Dungeon -217%
Shanera Dungeon -317%
Shanera Dungeon -417%
Hidden Path17%
Misty Path17%
Secret Lab 117%
Secret Lab 217%
Secret Lab 317%
Fir Forest27%
Maple Woods27%
Deep Cave17%
Red Zone17%
Blue Zone17%
Green Zone17%
Yellow Zone17%
Misty Valley17%
Cave of Ghosts17%
Labyrinth of Pain17%
Secret Crevice17%
Fir Forest's Edge27%
Stream Mine -127%
Stream Mine -227%
Stream Mine -327%
Earth Tunnel -127%
Earth Tunnel -227%
Earth Tunnel -327%
Forest Floor27%
Forest Floor27%
Underground Path27%
Cold Tunnel27%
Rock Cliff17%
Rock Canyon17%
Maple Woods' Edge27%
Seli-Lusha -127%
Seli-Lusha -227%
Seli-Lusha -327%
Seli-Lusha -427%
Seli-Lusha -527%
Port Surroundings37%
Neil's Camp Area37%
Neil's Camp37%
East Merchant Camp37%
Melki's Camp Area37%
Melki's Camp37%
Northern Desert37%
Volcano Gate37%
West Merchant Camp37%
Keru's Camp Area37%
Keru's Camp37%
Garton's Camp Area37%
Temple Path37%
Temple Site37%
Chaos Environment37%
Garton's Camp37%
Lost Desert37%
Aster Courtyard37%
Aster Centre37%
Robber Courtyard37%
Robber Centre37%
Rashid Courtyard37%
Rashid Centre37%
Robber Camp Area37%
Desert Robber Camp37%
Kertos' Jaws47%
Eastern Path47%
Western Path47%
Valakus' Claws47%
Phoenix Wings47%
Left Wing47%
Right Wing47%
Katol's Street47%
Heaven's Gate 147%
Heaven's Gate 247%
Heaven's Gate 347%
Heaven's Gate 447%
Hell's Gate 147%
Hell's Gate 247%
Hell's Gate 347%
Hell's Gate 447%
Heaven's Ruins 147%
Heaven's Ruins 247%
Hell's Ruins 147%
Hell's Ruins 247%
Ancelloan's Will 157%
Ancelloan's Will 257%
Ancelloan's Will 357%
Ancelloan's Will 457%
Ancelloan's Will 557%
Ancelloan's Will 657%
Cave of Memory17%
Cave of Memory17%
Cave of Memory17%
Cave of Memory17%
Waterfall Passage27%
Cliff Cave17%
Wolf's Lair17%
The Mukrash47%
North Beach47%
Port Moritius47%
South Beach47%
Woodland Path47%
Forest Cliff47%
Spirit Forest Edge47%
Spirit Forest47%
Olorun Farm47%
Beast's Lair47%
Polluted Path47%
Polluted Forest47%
Celestial Spire 157%
Celestial Spire 257%
Celestial Spire 357%
Celestial Spire 457%
Celestial Spire 557%
Eastern Skytrail57%
Lakeside Gorge57%
Dragon Ranch57%
Northern Skytrail57%
Frozen Lake57%
Ice Dungeon57%
Gorge Path 157%
Gorge Path 257%
Gorge Path 357%
Gravel Gorge57%
Path of Destiny57%
A. Dragon's Lair57%
Dragon's Lair57%
A. Dragon's Nest57%