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Armor Runes - Guide

Runes on Armors

As with weapon runes, armor can be carved and you can add different options and powers to it. The result of carving runes will be exactly the same as with weapons: success, fail or ruined.

Where can I carve a Rune?

To make a Rune you will need to have hero level c30 and head to Olorun Village in Moritius. Once you are here you will talk to the NPC Martas. You can also carve runes in Dragonveil together with Quartermaster Marto, which is on the left side of the map.

Rune Effects

The mechanics of armor runes effects follow the same path as with weapons, any effect will be added randomly, you will not be able to choose it. In case they are not to your liking, you can still use a skill-icon Rune Removal Hammer.

Unlike weapon runes, armor runes can only have three different effects.
There are a total of 13 rune effects:

Rune EffectLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
All elemental resistance is increased by X.357101520
All Defence Powers are increased by X.4080120150220300
Defence is increased by X%.4%8%12%16%20%25%
Your specialist’s defence skill points are increased by X.123456
Increases maximum Hp by X%.1%2%4%7%10%13%
Your specialist’s HP/MP skill points are increased by X.123456
Increases maximum MP by X%.1%2%4%7%10%13%
Dodge is increased by X.10204070100150
Up to level 4 there is a X% chance of never getting a bad effect.1%2%4%6%8%12%
Dodge is increased by X%.1%2%4%6%8%12%
With a 100% probability all elemental damage is reduced by X%.2%4%8%12%18%25%
Damage from critical hits is reduced by X%.4%7%10%15%20%25%
Probability to receive critical hits is decreased by X%.1%3%5%7%10%15%

Chances of success

As with any type of optimisation, the application of a Rune can have the following results: successful, unsuccessful or ruined. In case luck works against you, as usual, and your rune is ruined you will not be able to continue carving runes on this armor. In this case you can use a skill-icon Repair Rune Anvil, which you can buy from Logotor and Quartermaster Marto for the price of 10,000,000 Gold.

Another item which can help protect you from a possible ruined rune is the skill-icon Rune of Fortune Scroll, which you can also get from Logotor and Quartermaster Marto for 1,000,000 Gold.

The odds of successful, unsuccessful or ruined when carving runes are as follows:

RuneSuccessPityFailDamageGoldskill-icon Dragon Gemskill-icon Loa Runic Powderskill-icon Drataniumskill-icon Ancient Dragon Runestoneskill-icon Corrupted Celestial Spire Fragment

Rune Powers

Rune Powers are special effects which we can obtain, instead of a rune effect, randomly every 3 runes carved. Like rune effects, powers can also be stacked when the same power is obtained more than once, the maximum amount of powers an armor can have is 2.

The powers of the armour runes will be activated on defence and are as follows:

Choose Rune Power