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Partner Specialist Perfectioning

What is Partner Specialist Perfectioning?

PSP Perfectioning is a new way of enhancing your partners to be more formidable companions. All PSPs can be perfected with the same stone, Emerald of Perfection , which is exclusively available in Celestial Spire Random Box .

How to Use?

Once you have emeralds, head to a SP perfectioner, like Malcolm Mix, and simpy insert in the PSP you want to perfect.

You can see that once a PSP is inserted, "Element" icon becomes replaced with "Crit Damage Reduction" icon. This is the only difference between perfecting an SP and a PSP.


Upon a succesful upgrade, PSP will get a certain amount of points on one of the eight possible stats:

  • +20 Attack
  • +10 Defense
  • 1% Critical Damage Reduction
  • +300 HP/MP
  • +1 Fire Resistance
  • +1 Water Resistance
  • +1 Light Resistance
  • +1 Shadow Resistance

Perfection progress of the PSP can be viewed with right click:

The amount of materials and gold needed, and the points given per succesful upgrade is given below:

RangeStones NeededGold NeededPoints Given
+1 to +101 50k 1
+11 to +201 100k 2
+21 to +402 200k 3
41 to +603 300k 4
+61 to +804 400k 5
+81 to +1005 500k 6


  • It is possible to maximize three stats on a single +100 PSP. You can easily aim for maximum HP/MP and attack.
  • Perfecting a PSP to +100 costs about 1000 Emeralds and 50kk Gold.
  • Unlike SP perfectioning, there isn't much difference between an average roll and a good roll, unless you're too unlucky, you can just perfect it once and use it forever without any need to reroll.