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QoL - Mass Crafting

Olympus brought another QoL change, the Mass Crafting. With it you can produce as many items as you want with only one click -as long as you have enough materials- to minimize the time needed for crafting.

Mass Refiners

You can buy these Items from Malcolm Mix. They cost 5k each and will refine 10 Gillion Stones at once into their respective materials e.g. cellons, moon crystals and soul gems.

The way these work is, if you would get a refined item you will get 10x of them at once, so dont be shocked when you don't always get a refined item. Here is how it will look ingame:

Cella Mass Production

With the "Exchange" option on Malcom Mix, you can mass craft Cella Chests. To save space in your inventory you can convert 999 cella into 1 Cella Chest. If you need them again you can click on the chest and you will get the 999 cella back.

Moon & Cellon Mass Production

The next item is the "Production Tools for Gems, Cellons and Crystals". This item costs 5k each at Malcom Mix and you can craft up to 999 at once by changing the number in "Amount:" box

Snack, Potion and Food Mass Production

With the "Exchange" option on Eva Energy, you can now mass craft food, snacks & potions.

SP5 and SP6 Mass Production

The next NPCs at ,which you can use Mass Crafting are Great Magician Khan and Felix Frost in Desert Eagle City:

As you can see both NPCs trade their respective Seals, Perfection Stones and Upgrade materials in bulk with the Mass Crafting function, so no more hassle of clicking or spamming production.