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New Shops and changed Shops

There are many new different NPCs in Olympus, which bring a new array of items they sell with them. Also the already existing vendors got some new shiny and convenient stuff in their inventory.

New Shops

Helen, Loyalty Shop

Our first new NPC vendor is Helen, which trades different Mall items for loyalty coins, which you get rewarded with by doing daily activities.

Hatem, Travelling Merchant

This NPC should spark some memories in some players, as you can see you are able to buy upgrade materials and different Mall items at a fixed price here.

Nemo (Mysterious Monk), Raids and Trophies

Nemo as the Trophy NPC shouldn't be a stranger to some people, here you can buy everything Raid and Trophy related.

Titus Trip, Rainbow Shop

With the RBB now rewarding Rainbow Coins, the vendor responsible for them is Titus, who sells another set of special items as you can see.

Eva Energy, Snacks/Food and Potions

One of the most beloved NosVille Residents, Eva Energy, can help you craft snacks, food and potions en masse with new "Exchange" option.

Hermes, Perfection Trader

Hermes the Archangel allows you to easily exchange your Glacerus' Manes, Draco's Claws and Mystic Gemstones into perfection stones.

Changed Shops

Soraya Style, Accessories

As you can see here you can buy your Radal's Rings at Soraya for your main quest.

Malcolm Mix, Potions and Refiners

Malcolm now sells the new Mass Refinersand materials to craft potions.

Teoman Topp, Equipment and Hats

The vendor with the biggest inventory upgrade is as you can see Teoman. He now sells Armor and Weapons from lv 15 to 85 at r5+7 for every class and also the Lv45 7% shining res sets. Here you can also buy the upgraded Hats as you can see above.

Mimi Mentor, Decoration

Our favourite Cat Girl no longer sells the Farmhouse and Cottage anymore, those are now craftable at Slugg with different materials

Graham Recipes

Graham offers you a wide range of different Recipes, from Raid Seals to different helmets.

Graham Recipes

You need 3 tickets in order to craft a Raid Seal (Zenas = Mystic Heaven, Erenia = Hellord)

Erenia Raid Seal

Zenas Raid Seal

For the Production Scrolls (Not recommended except secondary, rest obtainable trough A6 MQ) you need 20,10,15 Tickets of each fraction (From L to R, Weapon, Secondary, Armor)

Two helmets for each class, one helmet for each fraction.

  • Heaven Side Helmets -> x25 Mystic Heaven Tickets
  • Hellord Side Helmets -> x25 Hellord Tickets

Ituros' Supermarket

Ituros Market has been changed with the start of Act 7 and gives you the oppurtunity to turn your seemingly worthless Items drops in to rather useful ones! So make sure to save up your Moss and Juice Meat when farming.


Besides Ituros, we have also Logotor with some new exchange possibilites, that you might have missed! Exchanges for Raid Seals as well as Black Titanium Bars for example are available here.