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QoL - Upgrades


Some Quality of Life changes on upgrades were made to make upgrading less rng based and more fair for the average player.

QoL Changes

Upgrade windows

Several upgrade windows now remain open to avoid having to re-open them every single upgrade attempt.

Safe Betting and Upgrading

In the options window are two new options, safe betting and safe upgrading. You can enable or disable them at any given time. If enabled, you can no longer bet an Equipment piece without a Protection or Blessing Amulet, or upgrade an Equipment past +3 without a scroll. This feature was added to put a stop to accidentally losing your items while betting or upgrading.

Pity feature

This feature gives you a guaranteed upgrade on your Specialist Card or Equipment after a certain number of fails reached. Betting does not have a Pity feature.

Keep in mind, pity will reset when a new owner tries to upgrade

The pity system will have the following values:

Specialist Card Pity

SP UpgradePity Value

Equipment Pity

Eq UpgradePity Value

Shells on betting

Betting with a Blessing Amulet and succeeding will give your Equipment piece a shell effect based on the rare you got, e.g the higher the rare, the more and better shell effects you get. You can do the same without any Amulet but theres the risk of losing your Equipment Piece. If you want to a higher rare but keep your shell effect, the Protection Amulet does exactly that. Both can be bought at the Traveling Merchant located in NosVille.

Traveling Merchant

This NPC located in NosVille sells most of your needs regarding upgrading. Upgrade materials such as Angel's Feathers, Full Moon Crystals and Souls can be bought here, but they can also be obtained by Raid boxes or Enemies in your level range.