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Game Rules

1. Language
  • 1.1 The official communication language is English. Players are allowed to use their native language in game except for speakers! Messages using speakers need to be in English.

2. Names
  • 2.1 Avoid all racist, insulting or provocative names, any troll pseudonyms may be changed or deleted. Extreme abuse of nicknames may result in a punishment.
  • 2.2 It is forbidden to copy or use a name similar to the staff members.

3. Game Behavior
  • 3.1 You are obligated to respect each player and team member with no distinction. Everyone deserves respect.

  • 3.2 It is forbidden to scam, steal or simulate theft in this game.

  • 3.3 It is forbidden to have transactions outside of Olympus (such as selling gold, accounts...etc.)

  • 3.4 Any sort of offensive language or NSFW content is strictly forbidden.

  • 3.5 Any behavior aimed at disrupting the game experience of other players or griefing them is forbidden.

  • 3.6 It is forbidden to spam, which is repeating the same message several times. There is a risk of mute and more severe punishment if the behavior is repetitive.

  • 3.7 It is forbidden to encourage the usage of third-party software that is illegal in the game (e.g. bots or hacks).

  • 3.8 If you see a person who is suspicious or does not respect the rules, please report them to a GM as soon as possible with evidence provided.

  • 3.9 It is forbidden to manipulate or arrange a certain outcome of PvP activities

4. Cheats And Bug Abusing
  • 4.1 Cheating software or any third-party software is forbidden.

  • 4.2 The use of in-game bots or macro is forbidden.

  • 4.3 If you find a bug in the game, please report it to a GM as soon as possible, that will result in a possible reward.

  • 4.4 If you take advantage of a bug, you will be punished according to the severity of the bug.

5. Multi-Accounts
  • 5.1 You are allowed to own and connect to only one Olympus account.

  • 5.2 It is forbidden to sell or share your account with other players.

6. Communication With The Team
  • 6.1 It is forbidden to ask GM or the team for gold, items or experience.

  • 6.2 Any instructions given by the team must be respected and followed.

  • 6.3 If you have received a ban from the game by a staff member and you want to dispute it, please use our dedicated support.

7. Personal Information
  • 7.1 All information about any player must be kept secret and not be divulged in any way.

  • 7.2 The game team will never ask you for your login information (account name, password...etc.)

  • 7.3 Asking a player for information such as login credentials is forbidden.

  • 7.4 Revealing another player’s personal information is forbidden.

8. Ticket System
  • 8.1 Every information given in the ticket system must be kept private and should not be shared.

  • 8.2 Abusing the ticket system in any form can lead to exclusion from the support.

9. Consequences And Punishments
  • 9.1 Depending on the seriousness of your non-respect of the rules, we have several sanctions at our disposal:

    • 9.1.1 Warning (after a certain number you may be banned).
    • 9.1.2 You could receive a mute.
    • 9.1.3 You could receive a ban either temporary or permanent.
  • 9.2 We reserve the right to take the aforementioned actions against a player without giving reasons that may be personally related to the player or the game.

  • 9.3 In case of a ban, you can appeal it on our Support Server. You have 2 months to issue an appeal, failure to do so may lead to forfeiting your appeal by default.

  • 9.4 We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. You should respect them.

  • 9.5 Ignorantia legis non excusat - ignorance of law excuses no one.