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Pet Trainer

Getting Started

Pet Trainer is a specialist which helps you catch and improve pets.
Head to Pet Trainer Lucy on NosVille to get your hands on the Specialist Card via a questline after 80Lv.
After you put on the Specialist, you can jump straight into action.
You can tame monsters with a Tameable icon on mob info. Just reduce their HP and use your Tame skill.
The tamed pet will now be yours, and you can do three things with them: Train, Evolve, Extract.
Evolving and extracting pets are the only ways to level up your Pet Trainer SP.
You can see the Pet Trainer SP Skills here.


Your pets now have a new way to progress: Training Level.
By using the skill-icon , skill-icon or skill-icon Summon Strong Sparring Monster, you can summon monsters that will attack and give XP to your pet.
You require skill-icon , skill-icon or skill-icon Sparring Monster Cage sold by our Pet Trainer Lucy to use these skills.
As your pet trains with the Sparring Monsters and reaches higher TLevels, they will gain increased stats and unlock new skills.
You can train your pets by leaving them in your Miniland with a sparring monster and continuing your gameplay.


Training Level is capped at ten times the pet's star-grade.
For example, a 1-star pet can only reach +10, which doesn't boost the stats much.
And all pets start as 1-star. So you will need to grind for their star grade, too.
When your pet reaches the maximum TLevel, you can use the skill-icon Evolve skill.
Doing so will boost your pet's star-grade by one and reset its TLv so you may repeat the steps.
Pets can have a maximum of 6-stars and +60.


Evolving requires skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon skill-icon Pet Essences, which are obtained by extracting pets.
If you extract a pet, you will lose it and obtain one essence for their respective star-grade.
You will use these essences for evolving other pets.
Shop pets are unextractable to avoid accidental extractions.

New Skills

Trained pets will gain two new skills, one at +10 and the other at +20.
There are six possible skills to get, and they offer different tools for your pet, such as luring and healing.
As you train your pet more, one of these skills will level up, at random, five more times.
If you do not like how your pet's skills turned out, you can reset them after reaching +60 and start training again.

SkillLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
skill-icon Aggressive Stanceskill-icon Aggressive Stance 1skill-icon Aggressive Stance 2skill-icon Aggressive Stance 3skill-icon Aggressive Stance 4skill-icon Aggressive Stance 5skill-icon Aggressive Stance 6
skill-icon Area Stunskill-icon Area Stun 1skill-icon Area Stun 2skill-icon Area Stun 3skill-icon Area Stun 4skill-icon Area Stun 5skill-icon Area Stun 6
skill-icon Mad Grabskill-icon Mad Grab 1skill-icon Mad Grab 2skill-icon Mad Grab 3skill-icon Mad Grab 4skill-icon Mad Grab 5skill-icon Mad Grab 6
skill-icon Defensive Stanceskill-icon Defensive Stance 1skill-icon Defensive Stance 2skill-icon Defensive Stance 3skill-icon Defensive Stance 4skill-icon Defensive Stance 5skill-icon Defensive Stance 6
skill-icon First Aidskill-icon First Aid 1skill-icon First Aid 2skill-icon First Aid 3skill-icon First Aid 4skill-icon First Aid 5skill-icon First Aid 6

Pet Trainer Bead

Putting the pets into skill-icon Pet Bead will reset the evolution and training progress.
If you wish to keep their star-grade, you will need to use skill-icon Pet Trainer Bead.
This special bead will keep their star-grade, but still reset its Training Level and skills.


The new skill system promotes diversity in pets used in everyday gameplay, as you will have access to some kitting skills with any pet.
It's intended as an end-game gold sink, nothing newer players should focus on.
Completing all Pet Tamer achievements will also get you the new skill-icon Master title.