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Combat Level Guide 1-99

Level 1-85

The easiest, fastest and most efficient way to reach level 85 is always through finishing the full Act 1 questline.

  • If a quest disappears or isn't completed even though you did it, try to relog. In most cases this will fix it the issue. If not, feel free to reach support.
  • Take NPC Buffs as often as you can, as they are free at the beginning and giving a lot of damage. You can read more about buffs here
  • After finishing all quests you will have a lots of gold saved up - keep in mind that you will need most of it for all the lvl 45 resistances and the raw gold tax for SP3 and SP4 quests.
  • Try to always have your pet and partner with you so you don't need to manually level them later on.
  • Make sure to make use of our warp system to easily get from A to B during your questing.

Equipment Choices

  • Always use the highest level weapon/armour you can wear.
  • You don't need shell options for progressing yet at the very start, however you should start rarefying your Lv90 Main/Sub Weapons.
  • Secondary weapon recommendations are meant as support weapons.
  • Accessories are also given to you via achievements, so don't forget to put some Cellons into them for a small stat boost


  • Once a day you'll be able to claim a free SP1, 2, 3 or 4 of your class at the maching NPC at [Port Alveus].
    As for Artist Martial, the NPC is located at [Lopello Library].

You can only pick one SP in total a day, so chose wisely if it's your first day on the game !

Quick LoD Info

  • As LoL, LoD will be open on even hours and close after the first spawn of the horn, on odd hours.

Level 85-90+ Act 5.2

  • At this point of the game you can start making use of the Druid buffs to make the hunting a little easier for yourself.
  • Equipping class specific titles is another way to boost your damage a little if you haven't done so yet.
  • The Act 5.2 quest line will take you approximately from Lvl 85 to Lvl 93.
  • By reaching Lvl 90, you'll be able to jump to Act6 quests, which is probably a good idea.
  • If you decided to do Act 5.2, keep in mind you will need to skip over Act.2, Act.3 and Act.4 or done them before.
  • Acts can be skipped by accepting the quests shown in the small green window in the bottom right corner & then clicking the "Skip Act" Button.

    Warning: Upon skipping an Act you will have to buy "Parchment of Regret" from Olympus Shop in order to complete the achievement.

  • Act 5.2 quest line is mostly the same as officials, however some quests such as "Kertos, Valakus & Grenigas Raids" are being replaced by the Shadows' hunt to make progressing easier.

Level 90-99 Act5.2 and Farming

  • Reaching Level 90 allowing you to begin Act6, which won't reward much combat experience.
    However, by reaching C30 you'll be able to access Act7 & Act8 which are giving a lot of combat experience by killing monsters.
  • You still can finish your Act5.2 main quest to get some levels.


  • As mentioned further above you should make use of the most recent equipment set available to you. In case you struggle with mobs, you can try putting shells on your Weapon to boost your damage.
  • SPs (Wildkeeper, Blue Mage/Tidelord, Ninja/Battle Monk) should be at least 99+9 to deal with the Mobs.
  • Opt for at least 80 element skill points with the rest on attack (30/40/50) and hp (rest).
  • When it comes to Pets & Partners, you don't have to worry too much about a replacement, but if you want to upgrade them nonetheless then try to craft some resistances & EQ for it. You can also raise the Defense level of your Pet with the "Pet Defense Upgrader"

Early Gold gains

Struggling to make Gold in the early game? Here are a few tips that are worth checking out:

Lesser Raids

  • Lesser Raids are part of the Achivement System here on Olympus. The Achievement itself is part of the [Daily Missions].
  • What makes this achivement worthwhile is the skill-icon Trophy Upgrade Amulet given when finished.
  • While it's usually being used to upgrade a major trophy it also has a worth of 15kk at NPC shops, which is a lot for the early game.

Glacerus / Draco Raids (Daily Elemental)

  • A similar way of accumulating Gold is completing the Daily Quest for Lord Draco and Glacerus. While the achivement isn't as wortwhile alone, Raids themselves provide you with some Draco Claws & Glacerus Manes on top.
  • On top of the mentioned rewards, the raidboxes are full of valuable items too!

  • All of these Items can either be sold to NPC's or in the NosBazar for a decent price.
  • Got the wrong SP or an SP you don't plan to use during these Raids? You can exchange them at the Desert Eagle City NPC's [Great Magician Kan] & [Felix Frost] for even more Claws / Manes!

Fafnir & Namaju Raids

  • As a last tip, we got the Raids Namaju & Fafnir. Both of these Raids can be done at Lvl 50 & 85 respectively.
  • The advantage here is that it doesn't require much more than having a Jajamaru SP Card ready, as both Raids are %-Raids.
  • For Namaju the Boxes are worth selling unopened, since the Trophy is always in demand and therefore the boxes bought accordingly.
  • When it comes to Fafnir however, we recommend opening the Boxes for their contents. Because even the lowest rewards are gold mine for early game players.